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Helping You Live Authentically

Strong, loving relationships are essential to wellbeing. No relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself. I want to help you achieve better integration of mind and body through self-compassion, acceptance, mindfulness, and embodiment.

I have specialized experience working with LGBQ, Trans, Poly/ENM, GNC/NB, Kinky, and Sex Working communities.

Are you feeling stuck? Disconnected from your desires?Confused? Have you struggled with feeling different or building satisfying relationships? 

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Hi, I'm Jae

About Me

I'm a therapist licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with specialized training and experience with sexuality and gender diversity. I support adults and adolescents in building the life they desire. My goal is for every individual to learn to love themself and live authentically. 

People often choose to work with me due to my educational and experiential background, or when they want to work with someone who has personal experience with alternative identities, lifestyles, and relationship structures. 

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